About Lone Oak

Delivering Payroll Funding Services,
Full Back-Office Support, And Much More

Lone Oak takes the staffing ecosystem a step further than other funding providers. We’re committed to making payroll funding services more accessible, and we’re in it for the long haul.

With our full-service approach, we don’t just provide financial solutions; we become an extension of your team.

Our Mission

Lone Oak exists to help staffing agencies grow and succeed, whether it’s a start-up form or an established business.

We’re dedicated to finding the best solutions for your staffing agency. To ensure our services are accessible, we are committed to providing quick financing, competitive pricing, and flexibility to help scale your business.

Our Values

Stability: The Foundation You Can Count On

Stability in funding and customer service aren’t exactly hallmarks of the payroll funding industry. We’re here to change that. We lay out your actual interest rate and total costs at the outset, and those number never change. You also get a dedicated team who gets to know you by name and becomes intimately familiar with your company. We’re not here for a one-and-done service; we’re here for a long-term, stable relationship with the goal of helping you scale to new heights.

Commitment: The Depth To Which We Serve Our Clients

We focus on building a strong relationship with your team. With us, you’ll find that quality always surpasses quantity; each client we take on becomes a part of who we are. You can rest assured that we’ll be here for you, no matter what, from Day One.

Security: The Protection We Provide For Our Funding And Our Clients

The security you gain stems from a customer service team that will be here for you at all times. It also comes from our working relationship with one of the most well-regarded banking institutions in the country. With us, your funding source and company’s best interests will always be taken seriously.

Discernment: The Judgement To Ensure Smart Business Decisions

We take painstaking care to ensure we partner with the right clients. With a keen eye for detail, you’ll find our team will tailor our services to deliver the best possible solutions for your organization. We aim to make the best decisions that empower you to grow and succeed in the long term.

Integrity: The Moral And Ethical Principles From Which We Operate

Each of our team members are experts who provide trustworthy attention and advice that will put your business first. We have your company’s best interests at heart and act with the highest integrity at all times.

Excellence: The Level of Performance We Achieve And Uphold

We know you demand the best, which is why we provide the best possible service and solutions. This comes shining through in the dedicated team that supports you, from your account manager to your payroll specialist and beyond. At Lone Oak, you aren’t simply another customer–you’re an extension of our organization, and we’ll do everything our power to make you proud to have us in your corner.

Transparency: The Core Behavior That Applies To Everything We Do

We keep you updated on our efforts to improve your company. And we’re upfront about every aspect of our partnership, providing you with the clarity you need to make informed decisions about our services. You’ll never feel in the dark about how Lone Oak is helping your business.

What It’s Like To Partner
With Lone Oak

Relationships are central to everything we do. When you partner with us, you gain access to a team of experts who provide guidance and solutions for your back office pain points.

You’ll be assigned an account manager who will work with you to understand your company and its specific needs. Your company’s location, size, processes, and market can vastly change the types of solutions needed and what services will help you.

You’ll also have access to our dedicated payroll team to ensure your payroll operates as efficiently as possible. We’ll take the time to understand your processes and ensure the timing and accuracy of your payments.

Most importantly: You’ll be kept well-informed about all your payroll matters. Never again will you wonder whether payments were made or when funding is coming. Our banking and treasury teams work with you to ensure your payments are received quickly and accurately.

Discover A Payroll Solution
That Truly Makes A Difference

Lone Oak was founded because we were invested in supporting staffing professionals. Our goal is to see you thrive.

Rather than just responding to your requests, we’ll work with you to identify your pain points and then help you get set on a path to reach your goals. You’ll gain access to a funding option that is designed to grow your staffing agency, and we back it up with practical help and expertise. 

Lone Oak is dedicated to finding ways to increase your profitability in the payroll process. Learn more about how we can help your business today.