The Importance of Adaptability for Staffing Agencies

Adaptability is one of the most important traits a business can have.

In times of hardship, such as during COVID-19 restrictions, the most successful staffing agencies are the ones nimble enough to redirect their resources and reimagine their workplaces.

In light of this, how can organizations learn to become more adaptable? Let’s take a look at some of the key traits that define companies who excel at change.

Keep up with staffing industry trends

Make sure you are learning about changes to the staffing industry by following the right sources. Organizations like the American Staffing Association and Staffing Industry Analysts often share statistics and developments relevant to the staffing industry.

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Be Prepared with digital technology

Those who have their ear turned to the world can often tell when national or global events (e.g., the invention of smartphones) will impact their business. They take new information and reshape their business to adapt to a changing world—and they often do this quickly.

Still, few could have predicted that the pandemic would so quickly change the world. What made some staffing agencies more successful at adapting to these sudden changes?

The the staffing agencies who were already adapting to an increasingly virtual world with paperless onboarding and mobile tools adapted to COVID-19 measures with much more ease. In contrast, agencies that still relied heavily on in-person interaction and paper application methods took more time to adjust.

Are you taking advantage of all the digital tools your staffing software provider offers?

Be willing to experiment and collaborate

Organizations who adapt are willing to experiment, creating new, innovative approaches. For staffing agencies hit hardest by the pandemic, this often means breaking into a new and possibly unfamiliar sector—one that’s seen a significant demand since the onset of the pandemic.

Adaptive organizations are ones that encourage trying new things and sharing knowledge. A good company culture gives employees enough psychological safety to feel comfortable making mistakes, sharing ideas, and learning from one another. This will boost a company’s ability to experiment and continue thriving during challenging events that redefine the status quo.

Being able to adapt is one of the most important traits a company can have. Many offices have adapted to remote or hybrid work, and staffing agencies must follow and adapt to changes and trends happening within the staffing industry. Being adaptable and staying prepared will help your business continue thriving, even within unprecedented times.