Lone Oak Payroll Company Overview Video

At Lone Oak Payroll, our team is driven by the desire to help our clients’ meet their business goals and grow their businesses. It’s not just a service that we offer to clients, our team is invested in maintaining a partnership based on trust, reliability and accuracy.

Check out the Lone Oak Payroll overview video to learn why staffing agencies choose to partner with our dedicated and experienced team:

“Our clients choose Lone Oak because of our outstanding tools and technology that allows them to be more efficient and grow their business at a faster rate. Our ability to offer payroll funding, payroll processing and software all-in-one is something that no one else in the industry can offer” says Kevin Standa, Vice President of Lone Oak Payroll. From payroll funding to payroll processing services, payroll tax management to new hire reporting, Lone Oak Payroll delivers the services that staffing agencies can trust to support business operations and ambitious growth goals.

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