Eight More Life Hacks to Make Your Payroll Process More Efficient

Payroll Process TipsIn the part one of this blog, we covered the top 11 life hacks to make your payroll process more efficient. Our team of payroll processing experts at Lone Oak Payroll compiled a few more tips to help your staffing agency implement a smooth-running operation for payroll processing and reduce stress for your team. Here are eight more tips to help make your payroll process more efficient.

Eight More Payroll Processing Life Hacks

1. Wild Card Searches.

When you need to search for a customer or contact, but only know part of the name or ID, use the % to utilize the wild card option. For example, if you know the customer name has the word ‘truck’ in the title but can’t remember the full name, you can search for ‘%truck’ to see all customers that have truck in the name.

2. Tab Stops.

Utilize tab stops to quickly key in time more efficiently and effectively. Tab stops are columns in your time entry dashboard that are selected with a check box. You can also customize which columns display in your time entry dashboard by right-clicking on the column header.

3. Uncheck “Show Linked Timecards.”

If you use the timecard linker, use the toggle filter to uncheck Show Linked Timecards. This will show only timecards that haven’t been linked so you know which timecards you have left to link.

4. Verify Mode in Timecard Linker.

Use the checkmark icon to use the verify mode in timecard linker. This takes the total hours entered in time entry and allows you to link more than one timecard to add up to the total hours.

5. Read-Only Window.

If you use the “View this page in a separate window” button, it creates a read-only window to make it easy to compare two screens of information.

6. Quick Pay Invoices.

Use the Quick Pay section to save time when posting payments. If you have a group of checks from a client that includes the invoice number on the check, you can apply payments in quick succession with the Quick Pay feature.

7. Reason Code for Reporting.

To help with reporting, make sure to enter a Reason Code when posting adjustment payment batches. For accounting purposes, a Reason Code can help determine how much was written off versus paid.

8. Adjustments Tab.

If an employee’s adjustment needs to be modified for just one week, you can use the adjustments tab and select the override icon to make a one-time adjustment instead of deactivating reoccurring adjustments.

We hope that these quick tips from our team of experts at Lone Oak Payroll will help you with your weekly payroll processing routine. If you have any questions about our team’s tips or if you’re looking for payroll processing services for your staffing agency, please contact us today for more information or helpful suggestions!