How to Improve the Candidate Journey from Offer to Start Date

Recruiting qualified candidates by improving the candidate journey has become the top priority for staffing agencies. The tight labor market means that effectively attracting and retaining candidates requires both efficient recruiting processes and creativity.

It’s time to evaluate your staffing agency’s overall hiring and onboarding processes to make sure it is in line with the current competitive environment. For example, there might be many missed recruiting opportunities between the offer letter and the start date for the job order. Here are few statistics from CareerBuilder’s recent State of Recruitment and Onboarding Report:

Improve Candidate Journey

Three Ways to Improve the Candidate Journey

It’s extremely disappointing to experience the candidate disappearing act halfway through onboarding. Here are a few ways to mitigate the likelihood of promising candidates walking away from your offer:

  • Make sure your offer is competitive with the market.
    The tight labor market means that job seekers are at a distinct advantage. Before you make an offer or assign someone to a fill a job order, run the numbers to make sure the offer is in line with current market trends.
  • Make the onboarding process clear.
    Candidates want to know every step of the process. According to CareerBuilder’s report, 82% of employees expect to be provided a clear timeline and to receive updates throughout the process. First, evaluate your onboarding process to make sure it’s as painless as possible. Next, have a process in place to communicate the process easily and clearly it to each candidate.
  • Communicate frequently.
    According to CareerBuilder, 31% of employees expect to receive customized messages. Figure out the communication mode of preference (e.g. texting, email, phone) for your candidates and create a process to check in frequently. Include relevant details about the job or job site and offer to answer any questions they may have. Also, don’t forget to communicate after the job start date. Ask for feedback from each candidate about the onboarding process and about the job order. The simple act of staying in touch shows that you value them as an employee.

Recruiting is becoming increasingly more competitive with the ongoing effects of the tight labor market. Make sure you’re not losing promising candidates due to a lackluster experience between the offer acceptance and the start date!

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