How is Lone Oak Payroll Different than Other Payroll Funding Companies?

Lone Oak Payroll® is a unique provider of payroll funding. While other funding companies offer payroll funding, they do not have the software to calculate, process or execute payroll like Lone Oak Payroll. This requires companies like yours to partner with a separate software provider at an additional cost. Lone Oak Payroll has a partnership with TempWorks Software, which allows us to offer all services in one package, something that other companies cannot match.

With TempWorks Software’s cutting-edge software, Lone Oak Payroll efficiently processes payroll, manages invoicing and collections, calculates and files tax payments, and tracks performance. Our clients can better manage their business by having all payroll-related and back office functions neatly organized in a centralized location. Clients also have the ability to update employee records in real time through the software, saving time and effort for both parties.

Our partnership with TempWorks Software is the only one of its kind in the industry that seamlessly offers these specialized services. Most funding companies partner with software and back office providers, but the service is disjointed as clients pay for those services individually, must work with multiple vendors and contacts, and follow several separate processes. In contrast, Lone Oak Payroll’s clients receive all services, software and complete back office support in one relationship and for one price. Clients save both time and expense that, had they chosen a traditional payroll funding company, would need to be absorbed by the owner or paid for in the form of an internal employee.

Lone Oak Payroll’s clients have access to some of the best software in the industry that keeps them ahead of their competition. To learn more about our product and service package, contact us here.