Staffing Agency Checklist for Choosing a Back Office Software

back office softwareYour back office processes and system are the heart of your entire staffing business. Without an efficient way to pay your employees, your staffing agency is unlikely to succeed long-term. When your staffing agency evaluates whether to invest in or replace a back office software system, which questions should you ask potential vendors? To help with your decision about back office staffing software, here is a checklist of questions to ask during your evaluation process.

Front Office and Back Office Integration

  1. What is the integration between the customer relationship management (CRM)/applicant tracking system (ATS) and back office software system?
  2. How does front office information flow into the back office software?
  3. Is there a separate integration necessary to connect the two systems?
  4. How will the integration increase efficiency and prevent manual or dual entries?
  5. Does the back office software provider have a support team to quickly address issues?
  6. Does the system have the capability to scale for future company growth?

Payroll, Billing and Invoicing Features

  1. How do you manage payroll, billing, and invoicing processes within the system?
  2. Does the payroll, billing and invoicing workflow match your staffing company’s needs?
  3. How do you process payroll calculations and state, federal, and local taxes within the system?
  4. Is there an easy way to set up, process, and manage garnishments within the system?

Additional Back Office Services

  1. Are there additional back office services offered? Payroll processing services? Tax administration services? Account Receivables (A/R) or collections management services?
  2. Are there compliance management services to help with onboarding, employee records, and Affordable Care Act (ACA) set-up?

Time and Attendance Solution

  1. Is the time capture and time card management system accessible, intuitive, and easy for clients and employees to use?
  2. What are the options for different time keeping formats (e.g. online timecards, timeclocks, etc.)?
  3. Will the time keeping options meet and exceed your client’s expectations?
  4. Will your payroll staff have access to real-time data?

The right software fit for your back office needs is crucial to improve efficiency and positively impact your bottom line. With more than a decade of experience helping staffing agencies reach growth goals and business objectives, Lone Oak Payroll can help your staffing agency evaluate the best back office option for your business model. Contact us for a consultation about your back office software evaluation!

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