At Lone Oak Payroll, we believe in partnering with our staffing agency clients and delivering the tools they need to succeed in the competitive staffing industry.

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Our Downloadable Content Includes:

Starting a Staffing Agency Playbook


Whether you’re just starting out or already have the wheels in motion, this free playbook serves as a comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs looking to establish and operate a successful staffing agency.

Ultimate Funding Guide


This comprehensive guide will walk you through navigating funding in the staffing industry. 

How to Grow Your Staffing Agency: Monitor These Trends


From employee engagement to digital and social media marketing, this white paper outlines eight current trends in the staffing industry to help you make smart business decisions for your staffing agency’s future.

5 Tips for Starting a Staffing Agency


This white paper delivers the top five things you should plan for when launching your staffing agency start-up as well as for established staffing agencies when planning for your staffing agency’s growth goals.

7 Simple Steps of Payroll Funding


If you have questions about how payroll funding can help to accelerate your revenue stream, read this white paper to find out how payroll funding works and the benefits it can deliver to your growing staffing agency.

Payroll Funding Explained in 7 Simple Steps


Not sure exactly how payroll funding works? Watch this video as Ashlee Mikesh, Vice President of Payroll Funding at Lone Oak Payroll, takes you through the entire payroll funding process in 7 simple steps.

Workers’ Compensation & Client Profitability


This recording discusses how to measure individual customer profitability encompassing all costs of operating a staffing business. This predominantly integrates the highly variable workers compensation component of the agency’s cost structure.

White Paper Option

Downloadable Content