ASA Staffing World 2023

Join Lone Oak Payroll at Staffing World 2023

The American Staffing Association asks staffing professionals to consider: How will you accelerate your growth?

We’ll be at Staffing World 2023 to help you find the answer.

Too often in staffing, agencies are held back from taking on new business due to payroll limitations. When you pay employees before your customers pay you, a staffing agency can only grow so fast. That’s where payroll and funding services come in.

Lone Oak offers funding, payroll, and tax expertise to amplify your business growth. Take advantage of:

  • Payroll funding to maximize your cash flow
  • Flexible financing for businesses of all sizes
  • A dedicated team of payroll, tax, and AR collection experts
    … and more.

Learn how Lone Oak Payroll is helping staffing firms unlock their growth potential with our all-in-one funding solution.

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Let us take care of the paperwork; you take care of running your business.

Looking for Resources?

How much will your team benefit from Staffing World 2023? Calculate your ROI.

Make the most out of your Staffing World experience by honing your networking skills.

If you’re considering payroll and funding services, check out our advice for how to choose a payroll company.

It’s never too early: Learn how you can start preparing for year end.

How can you maximize your growth potential even in a tough economy? Check out our webinar in partnership with ASA.

Partnering with the Best in the Industry

At Lone Oak Payroll, we’re dedicated to supporting your staffing agency’s growth. That’s why we partner with the best providers in the industry, ensuring you can access the tools and services you need—all in one system of record.

Learn more about our partners, and be sure to visit them in the Expo Hall. Our sister company, TempWorks Software, will also be there to share information about their fully integrated, end-to-end staffing platform can help your business gain the competitive edge.

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Meet the lone oak payroll team at ASA

Kevin Standa

Chief Revenue Officer

Kevin joined the Lone Oak Payroll team in 2018, bringing more than 15 years of experience in factoring and asset-based lending….

Ashlee Mikesh

Director of Account Management

As the Director of Account Management, Ashlee cultivates relationships across various partnership levels….